Mission: Strong and resilient families that are fully engaged, active participants and are readily-available, immediately-accessible and highly-informed.

 Vision: Informing and educating our warriors and families regarding benefits, programs, services, and resources that are available to them throughout their deployment cycle, providing community outreach and child youth services, and honoring the traditions of the military through our Military Funeral Honors.

The Army National Guard Yellow Ribbon program will provide sufficient information, services, referral and proactive outreach opportunities for Soldiers, Families, employers and youth throughout the entire deployment cycle: pre-alert, alert/pre-deployment, deployment, post-deployment, and reconstitution (reintegration).

There are various Yellow Ribbon Reintegration events, please check with your unit for the event schedule if you are a Hawaii National Guard member.

For more info on our Hawaii National Guard Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, please visit www.JointServicesSupport.org

 Point of Contact


MAJ Christine Rosalin

Yellow Ribbon OIC - Hawaii

 Work: 808-672-1422

Email: christine.a.rosalin.mil@mail.mil

1LT Angela Tabilas

Work: 808-672-6424

Email: angela.r.tabilas.mil@mail.mil


Charlie Yoshimoto

154th Air Wing Integrator Contractor


Cell: 808-284-0972