These counselors are here to help with various financial

services such as

·        Blended Retirement System Opt-In counseling

·        Developing a budget and making it work

·        Debt repayment plans and how to use                                                      

Referral to a vetted credit, housing, or bankruptcy counseling agency (

·        Credit report review (, credit repair (especially for security clearance)

Access to your FICO credit score:

·        Savings and investing vehicles (i.e. mutual funds for IRAs, 529s)

·        Understanding TSP and 401Ks 

Please contact the island designated counselor for assistance today

Oahu PFC 1


Coverage: HIARNG/Reserves Units

Work Cell: 808-594-2509

Oahu PFC 2

Walter Roland

Coverage: HIANG/NOSC Reserves Units

Work Cell: 808-238-8111

Maui PFC

Rhonda Bowden

Coverage: All Maui-based Components

Work Cell: 808-260-6832

Hawaii PFC 4

Daniel Kuske, CFP(r)

Coverage: Big Island, Hilo

Work Cell: 808-209-1195