Need to talk to about personal concerns, spiritual issues, or stress?  Want the conversation to remain private?  Call the Chaplain!

Rule 503 of the Military Rules of Evidence states: communications made as a “formal act of religion or as a matter of conscience” to either a Chaplain or Chaplain Assistant while serving in the capacity of spiritual advisor are considered confidential and are not to be shared with third parties

There are no exceptions listed to this rule, which means that any information communicated to a Chaplain is protected as confidential

Confidentiality also applies to inquiries from the command.  Chaplains cannot be compelled by the command to share information about service members or others seeking their service


Simple & Convenient to Use:  See your Chaplain from anywhere; just click the personalized room link to join them for a video call

Private & Secure:  All data is encrypted, your sessions are anonymous, and none of your information is stored (Adheres to HIPAA data privacy laws)

No Downloads or Accounts:  No need to download software or create an account. Just use a browser on a computer or device with a camera & mic

Virtual Pastoral Counseling


                HING: CH (LTC) Kurt Mueller                                                       

808-844-6482o / 808-679-5822c


 808-844-6481o / 808-347-0790c


HIANG: CH (Lt Col) Daniel Leatherman

808-789-0417o / 808-284-7239c                                      

Strong Bonds is a unit-based, chaplain-led program that helps Soldiers and their families build strong relationships. The program’s mission is to build Soldier readiness by providing skills the Soldier can use to strengthen his or her marriage and other relationships.

Initially, Strong Bonds was intended solely for married couples, but it has now been expanded to include single Soldiers, families with children, and the special needs associated with deployment and redeployment. In addition, it has been approved Army-wide to include Guard and Reserve units.

Each Strong Bonds program is targeted to meet Soldiers where they are in their relationship cycle and is administered through a training process that culminates in an off-site retreat.

Benefits of Strong Bonds

• Creates a strong support group for Soldiers and families.
• Connects Soldiers and families to each other, the unit, and important 
   resources such as chaplains.
• Helps Soldiers and family members develop skills that enable them to build
   resilient relationships and healthy families.
• Proactive and preventative, designed to recognize and correct any issues
   before relationships are in crisis mode.
• Ensures that Army children grow up in healthy Army families.
• Enables Soldiers to stay focused on the mission, improving readiness and


Please contact your Chaplain to sign up for these events:
1LT Colin Lau