Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
The Hawaii National Guard (HING) is committed to eliminate incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault by instituting a comprehensive policy that focuses on increasing awareness through prevention and education, victim centered support, intimidation-free reporting, through investigation and accountability for those who commit sexual crimes.
Hawaii Army National Guard
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Ms. Lehua Halamano
Office: 808-844-6433
SARC Cell: 808-271-4167
Hawaii Air National Guard
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Mr. G. Adrian Remington, CIV
                 SARC Cell: 808-383-7550
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Someone I know has been sexually assaulted. What do I do?

Reporting Options


          Access to medical, advocacy, legal, and counseling services

          Receive the Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE)

          Control the release of personal information

          Can change to Unrestricted Report at any time

          Special Victims’ Counsel


          Access to medical, advocacy, legal, and counseling services

          Receive the SAFE

          Alleged offender may be held accountable

          Command support

          Can receive protective order (Military Protective Order [MPO] or Civilian Protective Order [CPO])


          The alleged offender will not be held accountable

          Ineligible for expedited transfer or reassignment

          No command support

          Cannot receive a protective order


          More people will know about the sexual assault

          Investigation may be intrusive and difficult

          Cannot change to Restricted Report


Resources Available:

24-Hour HING SAPR Hotline                                               DoD Safe Helpline (24/7)

          1-888-SAPR-101                                                               Click

          (1-888-727-7101)                                                                                       Call 1-887-995-5247

                                                                                                                Text 55-247 (Inside the U.S.)

                                                                                                          202-470-5546 (Outside the U.S.)


                 Oahu                                                                           Kaua’i

Sex Abuse Treatment Center Hawaii                                                     YWCA 24-Hour Crisis Line

             24-Hour Hotline                                                                                           808-245-4144


                Hawaii Island                                                                           Maui & Molokai

        YMCA 24-Hour Crisis Line                                                            Maui Sexual Assault Center

               808-935-0677                                                                               808-877-6888


For Help Understanding your legal rights as a victim of sexual assault, please contact NGB Specials Victims’ Counsel.


MAJ Micheal Sweetman

West Region Special Victims’ Counsel

Office: 808-844-6544