COVID-19 Updates 6/1/2021
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COVID-19 Scams! Lets be vigilant!
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Medical and Tri-Care Information

US Army Medical Command has established a COVID-19 Hotline for Army Personnel and Family Members. Phone Numbers are: 1-800-984-8523; OCONUS, (312) 421-3700: CONUS DSN, 421-3700; CONUS Commercial, (210) 295-3700
Tri-Care information for soldiers that are involuntarily activated to Full Time National Guard Duty under Title 32 USC 502(f)(2)
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Questions about your Tri-Care Benefits?
CALL: 1-844-866-9378
Pay and Benefits Information
 Additional areas of AER Assistance for NG & R soldiers impacted by COVID-19 


  • Title 10/32 COVID-19 Response– for a financial hardship due to orders. Covers personal transportation and basic living expenses. Eligibility period is for the duration of orders plus 30 days after deactivation. May be loan/grant/combination.
  • Non-Title 10/32 SGLI, FSGLI & Tricare Assistance – if NG or Reserve soldier has trouble making these premium payments due to postponement of drill/battle assembly. May be a loan/grant/combination. No grant if drill/annual training is to be made up prior to 1 September 2020.
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      ARNG Soldiers who are not in a Title 10 status can apply for 
AER assistance related to COVID-19.
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EANGUS and the We Care for America Foundation has received funding which will allow us to provide much needed assistance to National Guard Soldiers and Airmen who have been impacted financially by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to USAA for their continued support and this donation.  This will be the final phase of grants distributed from these funds.  


Like the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds that were distributed in May 2020

(Phase 1), November 2020 (Phase 2), and January 2021 (Phase 3) these funds

will be available to current and former members of the National Guard, enlisted

or officer, who demonstrate the loss of their primary income or employment,or

a financial emergency directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Grants will

be capped at $500.  To assist as many National Guard members as possible, the

fund can only support one emergency grant per household.  National Guard

members who received a grant in Phase 1, 2, or 3 are not eligible to receive

another WCFA-COVID grant at this time.   

The window to submit applications for Phase 4 of the WCFA-COVID Emergency

Relief Fund is now open.   All applications will be reviewed but only 400

applications will be approved due to limited funding.  We ask that applications

be submitted by National Guard members who need assistance because of a

COVID-19 related financial hardship.   

The grant application process includes completion of a brief online application

and submission of the WCFA-COVID Emergency Relief Fund Verification Form

which must be completed and signed by the applicant’s Unit Commander, First

Sergeant, Battalion CSM, CCM, or Family Programs Representative.   A copy of

the fillable Verification Form is attached, or applicants can download a copy of

the form from our website.  Please refer to the We Care for America website at  for more information and to apply for assistance.   

Questions can be referred to our office via email at   

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program that provides a temporary discount on monthly broadband bills for qualifying low-income households. If your household is eligible, you can receive:


Up to a $50/month discount on your broadband service and associated equipment rentals

Up to a $75/month discount if your household is on qualifying Tribal lands

A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50)

Only one monthly service discount and one device discount is allowed per household.


The FCC has announced that consumers can begin applying for and enrolling in the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program on May 12, 2021. The program will end when the fund runs out of money, or six months after the Department of Health and Human Services declares an end to the COVID-19 health emergency, whichever is sooner.

Family and Child Resources
Childcare Alternatives During COVID-19

If your child is currently in a childcare facility (i.e. Cole Academy, Child Development Center (CDC), Seagulls.etc) you should receive guidance on how they plan to operate during this time.

Private Care:


Please visit the newest resources page "Home Activities for Children and Teens" to assist with additional educational support during this time.
Free resources from is available on the CYS homepages for students of all ages.

HIANG Keiki resources 2020.pdf HIANG Keiki resources 2020.pdf
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Family Activities and Resources during the "Stay at home/ work from home" government order

 USO JBPH Facebook Page for virtual activities

Virtual Physical Education

Virtual Resources for Social Distancing During COVID-19

Oahu Community Resilience

Under Tier 4:

  • Indoor organized sports are allowed. Spectators are allowed at up to 33% capacity.
  • Commercial recreational boating is allowed without any capacity limit, but restaurant/bar rules will still apply if food/beverage consumption is allowed.
    • Blangiardi also clarified that bars must still close at midnight.
  • Social establishments such as dance, nightlife and karaoke are allowed at up to 50% capacity if all attendees are tested or show proof of full vaccination.
  • Outdoor weddings are allowed with up to 200 people.
  • Indoor events such as concerts, meetings and conventions are allowed with a mitigation plan and 50% capacity if all attendees are tested or show proof of full vaccination.
  • Outdoor events at venues with defined capacity limits are allowed with a mitigation plan, 33% capacity or 67% capacity if all attendees are tested or show proof of full vaccination.
  • Outdoor events at venues without defined capacity but have controlled ingress and egress are allowed with a mitigation plan, at 30 individuals per 1,000 square feet or 60 individuals per 1,000 square feet if all attendees are tested or show proof of full vaccination.
  • Arcades are allowed without capacity limit. Restaurant/bar rules will still apply if food/beverage consumption is allowed.
  • Road races and triathlons will be allowed with a permit.